Taking care of your woodland supports the environment, wildlife and neighbouring woodland belts. However without expertise and insight, woodland areas can quickly get out of control and become a seemingly unmanageable task to get a handle on. In these times, turning to the professionals at Arboricultural Services Treework can be the quickest, easiest and most cost effective way to regain control of your woodland area.

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Find out more about Arboricultural Services Treework’s woodland management service by calling our team on 0161 456 0989 or 0162 585 0320.

The woodland management experts

At Arboricultural Services Treework, we provide short, medium and long-term development strategies to optimise your woodland area. Our team of woodland management experts provide more than just advice; we recommend remedial work as well as possible improvements which can be made to your woodland belt. Our woodland management services include:

  • Woodland design
  • Tree planting
  • Tree management
  • Woodland improvement techniques
  • Habitat improvements for various wildlife
  • Ancient woodland restoration and safety inspections
  • Weed control

A complete woodland management solution

We carry out contractual work for both commercial and domestic properties across Stockport and Manchester, helping land owners to keep on top of their woodland areas with ease. Part of our woodland management service includes professional support, planting, felling, pruning, coppicing, pollarding and more. By letting us help you keep on top of all of this, you’ll be able to relax knowing that your woodland area is being taken care of effectively and efficiently.

Contact the woodland management experts on the number above or request a free quote by emailing: rk@treeworkers.com