The team at Arboricultural Services Treework are the experts in tree surgery. From pruning small shrubs to maintaining large belts of woodland areas, our professional tree surgeons are available across Stockport and the whole of Manchester, helping you to stay on top of your garden spaces minus the hassle.

Experienced tree surgeons

Our qualified team of tree surgeons and arborists have been working with various species of tree throughout their career. As a result, there is no type of hedge, tree or shrubbery that our team cannot manage. With no job being too big or small for our professional pruning and tree surgery team, we have experience in working across a range of commercial and domestic spaces including large public woodland areas and personal gardens. We also have extensive knowledge when it comes to working with rose bushes, timber, softwood and hardwood.

A comprehensive range of tree surgery services

  • Stump Grinding and Removal
  • Tree Maintenance and Removal
  • Site Vegetation Clearance
  • Crown thinning and lifting
  • Storm Damage Repairs
  • Tree Felling and Pruning
  • Woodland Care and Tree Planting
  • Woodland management

Hazardous Tree Protection

With years of experience working with private landowners, commercial properties and public locations, at Arboricultural Services Treework we can easily recognise trees that may be hazardous within an instant. We work closely with local Tree Preservation Orders across Manchester to safely manage all species of tree, including those under protection orders and in conservation areas.

What Makes A Tree Hazardous?

Trees and stumps can often attract dangerous diseases such as honeysuckle and acute oak decline. Without the necessary equipment and insight into how to properly manage trees and woodland areas, your trees can become highly dangerous to nearby property and passers-by. However the Arboricultural Services Treework team are only a phone call away and with our quality tree maintenance, tree preservation order checks and more, we can provide the expert team who can support your landscape, helping it to be the best it can be.

Contact our team of experienced arborists and tree root removers and let us take care of your garden: 0161 456 0989 or 0162 585 0320