Keeping on top of tree pruning can really make a big difference to any garden or urban area. It not only maintains the aesthetic appeal of a plant but that of the entire environment around us. If your trees are overgrown and starting to take over your Stockport or Manchester property, then get in touch with tree pruning experts – Arboricultural Services Treework.

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The tree pruning experts

Arboricultural Services Treework specialise in all matters of hardwood and softwood tree pruning including tree reductions, balancing, shaping, and thinning. Regardless of the size of the tree, pollarding and coppicing are generally the quickest and most cost-effective ways to remove a tree’s density and height. To keep your trees in a well maintained condition, our team carry out sectional branch removals, root reduction and bud stunting as well. Other steps in the pruning procedure include:

  • Reducing bulk and removing excessive shadowing branches
  • Allowing more daylight to the ground below for safety and regrowth
  • Reducing the vulnerability of a shaded area

Stabilising and pruning trees

If you want to maintain your trees health over an extended period of time or harvest them for fruit or other material, then pruning is the answer. As well as helping to maintain the health of your tree and keep them in the perfect condition, tree pruning gives you reassurance that your trees are stable and do not pose a risk to passers-by or neighbouring properties. Incorrect tree pruning techniques however can cause damage to your tree and stunt their growth.

The Arboricultural Services Treework team are pros at stabilising and pruning trees. Starting at the top and working down, we safely remove enough branches to increase light underneath and reduce density throughout. Our team will carefully plan and implement a tree pruning process that is individualised dependent on the tree and the requirements. Why not take a look through our gallery [Gallery] to see example of some of our tree pruning work.

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