Are your trees posing a threat, are structurally unstable or need to be dismantled safely? Then Arboricultural Services Treework is who you need to call. Across Stockport and the Greater Manchester area, we know that every tree has a different height, density and structure, which is why we carefully plan every tree felling operation. No matter what species of tree you have, we tailor our process to the specific tree we are working with, ensuring a safe and responsible tree felling operation at all times.

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If you are concerned about a tree or want to know more about our tree felling services across Manchester, call us now on 0161 456 0989 or 0162 585 0320.

The tree felling experts

If a tree has fallen prey to disease, it can mean that it is no longer safe to be left standing. In most cases, the entire tree will need to be removed as a result. Our Manchester based Arboricultural Services Treework team can tackle this all year round. With constructive planning and expert knowledge on every species of tree, there is nothing our team cannot handle including:

  • Domestic tree felling
  • Commercial tree felling
  • Completed tree and stump removal
  • Sectional dismantling

If there is enough surrounding space for the tree to fall, then total tree felling is the best option. However when this is not the case, then sectional dismantling will often be the safest option.

Our sectional dismantling services

If a tree is in a small space and needs to be taken down, then sectional dismantling is often the best course of action. In this tree felling process, sections of the tree are removed one at a time. This allows for greater control of the tree, meaning the chances of any damage occurring to the surrounding landscape or buildings is kept to a minimum. As tree felling experts, our tree surgeons use the latest rigging and machinery equipment to ensure your trees are safely and appropriately dismantled or removed.

Get in touch with the tree felling experts today. Give us a call on one of the numbers above or send us an email: rk@treeworkers.com