Are your trees struggling to co-exist amongst other greenery in your garden or outdoor spaces? At Arboricultural Services Treework can offer you the professional tree care and pruning services that will help you to get on top of your gardening again. We offer an all-year round maintenance package which will give you less to worry about throughout the year regardless of the season. For more information, speak to one of our friendly team members.

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We keep your trees free from disease, structurally safe and aesthetically pleasing at all times across Stockport and the whole of Manchester.

Our tree care specialists keep things safe

As more urban areas develop across the UK, more plant and tree species are having to cohabit with buildings and people. Without efficient tree care and maintenance, greenery can quickly become unruly, out of control and potentially unsafe for people in the surrounding areas.  Arboricultural Services Treework are your Manchester based tree care specialists. Call on us and we’ll do more than just maintain the appearance of your trees; our professional team will make sure that your greenery is kept safe for the surrounding buildings and public passers-by.

Benefits of Tree Care

Our team of tree care specialists are passionate about caring for and maintaining trees properly. Without appropriate tree care, it can be easy for dangerous diseases such as fungus, wood decay, wilts, abiotic diseases and cankers to spread to other plants. Expert tree care can also bring the following benefits:

  • Safety – for both surrounding buildings and members of the public walking nearby
  • Light control – through coppicing and thinning methods you can provide more light to the ground below
  • Size control – reducing the size of your tree without removing it completely
  • Aesthetics – add value to your property by making your trees appear well-maintained
  • Health – upkeep any health requirements of the trees to avoid potential spread of diseases

The importance of Tree Preservation Orders and Protected Areas

In most urban areas there are many protected trees that are unable to be cared for or maintained. This occurs as a result of Tree Preservation Orders and other legal restrictions. If you need your trees pruned or maintained, you first may need to seek planning permission before any work can be carried out. As Manchester’s tree care specialists, Arboricultural Services Treework can easily take care of all of this for you. Our professional team will first check all trees before carrying out any care or maintenance services, meaning you can rest easy knowing that you won’t be faced with any legal trouble further down the road.

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