Hedge laying takes expertise and a skilled hand in order to achieve an end result which looks like a natural element of your garden or urban area. Whether you are looking for a stylish feature at your home or an effective boundary divider, the addition of a hedge can instantly rejuvenate a location. Furthermore, hedges provide an invaluable wildlife habitat and can help protect your land from trespassers, making them an incredibly valuable addition to any space.

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Protect your crops, avoid soil erosion and create a natural wind barrier with Arboricultural Services Treework’s hedge laying service. Call our team in Manchester on 0161 456 0989 or 0162 585 0320 for more information on how we can transform your property with hedges.

We’re the hedge laying experts

When it comes to hedge laying across Manchester, there is nothing that the team at Arboricultural Services Treework cannot handle. Ensuring that you have the right hedge for your land is important and our expert hedge laying team will consider all of the important factors such as climate, ongoing maintenance and any potential risk of future disease. We also offer comprehensive hedge-care packages that take care of all:

  • Fungus
  • Insect infestations
  • Damaged greenery

Important hedge laying legislation

Since 1997 there has been specific legislation in place to stop the damage and removal of hedges in certain areas. As hedge laying experts however, we’ve got this covered and our Arboricultural Services Treework team will take care of all the proper documentation in all services we offer. We ensure that no hedge we lay exceeds the height limit of two metres in a public area, just one of the important regulations regarding hedge laying which is outlined in Article 8 of the Anti-Social Behaviour Act in 2003.

Hedge species we cover

Similarly to trees, all hedges come in different species that have a unique set of needs and requirements to survive. Using traditional methods of coppicing, trimming and laying, our team can easily advise on the most suitable hedges for your land and provide insight into how to care for these once they are planted. Most hedge laying takes place in February through to March with results usually start to show around June with the formation of regrowth and new shapes.

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